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Every Friday night we have a social swing dance!
7:30 Intro to Swing with Randi & Alyssa
8:00 Dj’d Swing Dance
Don’t worry if you’ve never danced or visited before! Our facilitators for the evening are there to make your first social dance experience amazing! Check out the 8:30 class to learn the basics!
Whether you are a first timer or you know the ropes, we want YOU to dance with us!!!
*late night blues starts around 10:15, blues classes available on Thursdays in York at 7:00
*No dance on 1st Friday in Lancaster, but still in York!*


Following our weekly WCS class at 7:00, we have a west coast swing dance social to popular music until 9:15 with rotating DJ’s. This social is rent party style and by donation if you attend class for the evening, $5 if not. Happy dancing, happy progress!
WCS class and Social DJ’d standardly by Alyssa Arter, check social media for exceptions


Are you looking for something new and exciting to add to your weekends for the whole family? Every 1st Sunday we will be holding a swing dance in the beautiful hall of West Lawn United Methodist Church. Our swing dance is complete with a beginner lesson that allows any time to be your first time and every time to be the best time!
1:30-2:00 Intro to Swing Lesson OR Collegiate Shag Lesson
2:00-5:00 Dj’d Swing Dance with DJ Pomp
*dance game & mama’s stew line dance
$10 Admission


On 2nd Tuesdays we take over the beautiful dance floor of HMAC with the fusion of traditional rhythm & blues tunes.

6:15 Blues Dance Lesson
7:00 WCS Dance Lesson
7:45-9:45 DJ’d Fusion Dance Social
Instruction provided by Randi & Alyssa of the Victrola Dance Hall
$10/class, $5 dance, or $20 for both classes & dance
*Events held on the 2nd floor
Arrive early to take advantage of the HMAC restaurant for dinner and maybe some brews before you blues. There’s even an open mic to keep your ears happy!
See you dancing!
The Victrola Dance Hall & Gettysburg Big Band host a Ballroom Social Dance each 4th Sunday of the month. This dance is open to all ages and all levels of experience and non-experience alike!
6:30-7:00 Waltz Ballroom Lesson// Beginner-Intermediate or Bronze level (styles subject to vary each month)
No partner required.
7-9 Gettysburg Big Band plays American Songbook classics that appropriately highlight a range of ballroom standards!
*Feel free to inquire which styles suit a song best and if it’s a style with which you aren’t familiar, drag one of our facilitators on the floor! They are there to ensure your time visiting us is amazing!
DJ’d break & social
Admission includes dance lesson and is $10.
Snacks are provided.
We encourage you to dress up!
Let’s sweep the dance floor!



Here at the Victrola, we love to perform and training dancers is kind of our thing. If you have any interest in performing, historical re-enactment via dance, need to find a close group of people with whom to grow, camaraderie, or even just a sheer desire to study the process by which dances and dancers are MADE, in utmost vulnerability and invested scholarly interest, we hope you would join us! Every 6 months we have a troupe placement day where anyone is welcome to participate and become a part of our troupes. There are periodic dates added to the calendar for this purpose as well. It is easiest to go under ‘Events’ and then ‘Calendar’ to see when these are being held. We hope you join us and start your journey today!
Current Troupes:
Basie Bombers- 1930s-40s partnered Lindyhop, occasional Bal-Swing or Shag
D-Day Dolls- All ladies small troupe reminiscent of the Andrew Sisters
Gin Bops- 1950s partnered Rock N’Roll & Boogie Woogie troupe

*The Ladybirds are hand selected and are not a part of the troupe placement process*

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1) We strive to cultivate a community that celebrates diversity. We are happy to welcome all ages, genders, races, ethnicities, and people of all sexual orientations, lifestyle choices, and dance level and background to our classes & events! You do not need a dance partner, we encourage, but also teach etiquette in socialization. We are family friendly!
*York City has an 11pm curfew and all those 16 or under must be accompanied by a guardian at that time.
2) Our dance lesson caters to the style of the event and works to integrate the newest dancer in the room. If you are interested in progressive classes, please join one of our series. We encourage you to take a few drop in style classes before joining a series. Music is a variety of traditional 30s-50s, exceptions are noted. Feel free to bring a song request to the DJ.
3) What to Wear: Come casual or dressed up! You may want to bring a change of clothing if you get sweaty. The best shoes are low to the ground, secure on your feet, and without too much tread!
4) Minimal snacks provided, bottled water available for purchase; you are welcome to bring your own.
5)Parking: There’s parking on the street as well as the Penn Market & York Emporium parking lots for free. They are located on the same block as the Dance Hall. Other locations vary.
6) How to Pay: Payment is cash or card, card subject to $1 fee. $10 General Admission, $5 if you attended class at The Victrola that week.
7) You can find our code of conduct and house rules on the bulletin as you enter!
Want to know more about The Victrola Dance Hall and our weekly events? Check out our google calendar under the Events tab. // Like us on Facebook, follow us @victroladancehall and join our group The Victrola Dance Hall-York, Pa Ballroom, Blues, Lindy Hop, & Swing Dances

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