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After our 2nd Argentine Tango workshop with Greg Sipe, we received requests for a regularly occurring Tango session. As a test run we will be running one on a Sunday afternoon in between scheduled workshops. Music will be DJ’d by Alyssa Arter. We hope you can join us!

Dancing 2:00-3:30
$10 general admission

SWING & BLUES DANCE LANCASTER, hosted with Fruition Collective- Wednesday, February 21st

It’s our 3rd month of Swing & Blues classes and dance to be held with Fruition Collective of Lancaster!
Classes will be at a fundamental level, which means no experience or partner required! This will advance a little further than a drop-in style lesson for those of you familiar with our classes.
6:15 Blues Class
7:00 Lindyhop Swing Class
7:45-9:45 DJ’d Dance

$20/ both classes & dance
This video combines styles, but you can find them highlighted separately. Movement is in competition here, but not choreographed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtXSPYEiKCY

You can find info about Fruition Collective –> https://www.fruitioncollective.com/work


Here at the Victrola, we love to perform and training dancers is kind of our thing. If you have any interest in performing, historical re-enactment via dance, need to find a close group of people with whom to grow, camaraderie, or even just a sheer desire to study the process by which dances and dancers are MADE, in utmost vulnerability and invested scholarly interest, we hope you would join us! Every 6 months we have a troupe placement day where anyone is welcome to participate and become a part of our troupes. There are periodic dates added to the calendar for this purpose as well. It is easiest to go under ‘Events’ and then ‘Calendar’ to see when these are being held. We hope you join us and start your journey today!
Current Troupes:
Basie Bombers- 1930s-40s partnered Lindyhop, occasional Bal-Swing or Shag
D-Day Dolls- All ladies small troupe reminiscent of the Andrew Sisters
Gin Bops- 1950s partnered Rock N’Roll & Boogie Woogie troupe

*The Ladybirds are hand selected and are not a part of the troupe placement process*

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March 2018 Events


BIG & BAD ROCKABILLY CATS- Friday March 16th

There’s little we love more than local folks who know how to Rock n’ Roll. Check out the band here–>https://www.facebook.com/bigandbadrockabilly/

For 15 years York City has proudly hosted a Friday evening swing dance complete with a beginner lesson that allows any week to be your “first” time and every week to be the best time!

8:30 Intro to Swing with Mary & Chris
9:15 Dj’d Dance with Elkan facilitating & late night blues
*Wear green and get $3 off Admission
*We love to celebrate every March with a crash course Polka lesson and dance game. Prizes are at stake, you’re pride is not!
*Find the hidden pot of gold for a delicious treat.

A few things you need to know:
1) This event is open to all-levels and all-ages. You do not need a dance partner. We are family friendly! York City has an 11pm curfew and all those 16 or under must be accompanied by a guardian at that time.
2) Parking- You may park on the street as well as the Penn Market & York Emporium parking lots for free. They are located on the same block as the Dance Hall.
3) Payment is cash or card, card subject to $1 fee. $15 General Admission for band nights, $5 if you attended class at The Victrola that week.
4) Please feel free to dress up and casual attire is acceptable too! Wear non-marking shoes on our floor 🙂
5) Our beginner lesson is an Intro to Lindyhop (some may identify this as East Coast Swing). We play a variety of traditional 30s/40s music as well as some 50’s.
6) Minimal snacks provided, bottled water available. You are welcome to bring your own.
7) You can find our code of conduct and house rules on the bulletin as you enter!

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THE ANNUAL BIG SWING THING WEEKEND- Friday April 27th- Sunday April 29th

Buy Tickets Here —–>

Learn More

Friday April 27th, Valencia Ballroom Kickoff!
We are super excited to announce that to kick off #bigswingthing of 2018, we will have TWO, yes you read that correctly, two bands the evening of Friday April 27th in the Valencia Ballroom!
The Hepcats 7-9
Chelsea Reed & the Fairweather Five 9:30-12:30
Saturday April 28th, Valencia Ballroom FULL DAY
11 dance classes in Lindyhop, West Coast Swing, Foxtrot, Blues, Collegiate Shag, Boogie Woogie, & Solo Jazz, Multiple Dance Performances!
Saturday Band Line-Up:
Riverside Rhythm
Gettysburg Big Band
M&J Big Band
Reisterstown Jazz Ensemble
Powerhouse Big Band
Unforgettable Big Band
*Stay tuned for the fully posted schedule!
Sunday April 29th, Brunch Buffet at White Rose Tavern
Brunch will be served from 10:00-11:30 followed by a historical walking tour of downtown York focusing on the highlights of the Swing Era and the World War II years.

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