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Check this out- We have a new class schedule! It’s bigger, better, and begins the week of June 4th. We’ve added new levels to the styles you already love and are introducing some cool new things with our Specialty Series!
The first specialty series will be Teacher Training. Be sure to read the schedule carefully, as some current classes have been moved. Start clearing some brain space for all of the amazing instruction headed your way!


Series class: $10 per person

Friday dance: $10 per person/ $5 for Victrola series or private lesson students. Includes theme nights.

Band nights: $15 per person/ $5 for Victrola series or private lesson students.

Ballroom Practice: Free for Victrola series students, otherwise $5 per person.

* Victrola student pricing applies only to those present in class during the same calendar week
* Pricing valid unless otherwise noted

No pre-registration or partner required but series classes still function in a 6-week rotation!#Iloveyorkcity #victroladancehall #yorkpa



In 4 weeks we will introduce the foundation of partner dance styles Swing, Foxtrot, ChaCha, and Waltz. No dance experience or partner necessary. Classes take place on Tuesday and Thursday.

Ages 7-11 from 10:00am-11:30am *includes class, craft, and snack

Ages 12-16 from 5:00pm-6:00pm

Session 1- June 20th- July 13th

Session 2- July 18th- August 10th


Register at!

May 2017 Events

5th Annual Swing Prom

Friday, May 19th

It’s that time of year again! Our annual prom swing dance is afoot. We encourage you to go all out with slacks, ties, fancy dresses, and maybe some corsages! Why have a prom you ask? Well, why wouldn’t you want to dress all fancy and actually wear that outfit in your closet more than once? And what could be more awesome than a prom that spans over all decades AND ensures you get to dance? We’ve all had a prom in our life and we know it is just not the same without a room full of dancers.

Introducing the sounds of Modern Blue this year! We heard these guys at the Midtown Popup Speakeasy and knew they were truly kindred spirits! There will be mostly swing, but in the true spirit of prom, you can anticipate a few variations of foxtrot, chacha, waltz, and west coast.

So…. PROM! A cooler, more awesome option than anything else. Wear vintage or modern, but deck it out.

8:30 Intro to Swing & Slow Dance Crash Course
12-? Late night blues

Prom King & Queen win a prize!
Raffles, food, photobooth, dance game.


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